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Art, Frame, Painting & Photograph Restoration

Painting Restoration

Exposure to the elements, both natural and man-made, can cause significant degradation to an oil painting. We have mastered the techniques to properly to clean, repair and reline damaged paintings. Our in house restorers are specialists who conserve to museum standards and have the necessary experience to bring a dull, lifeless painting back to its original splendor. We invite you to bring your works into our frame shop and we will happily make an assessment and the appropriate restorative recommendations.

Painting restoration procedures:

Man riding a horse - Art Restoration in Alexandria, VA
  • Cleaning to Remove Dirt and Old Varnish
  • Painting Stabilization and Consolidation
  • Previous Restoration Removal
  • Canvas Relining and Patching
  • Infilling and Inpainting of Missing Paint
  • Stretching and Varnishing

Frame Restoration

There are many period frames and antique frames that can be bought back to their original grandeur. Whether they are carved wood or composition, we can usually repair the damaged material or, if necessary, we can recast and carve entire replacement pieces.

Frame restoration methods we offer:
  • Structural Repair
  • Casting and Carving
  • Gilding in Metal, 12 and 22 Karat Gold Leaf
  • Cleaning, Refinishing and Patination
Frame Painting - Frame Restoration in Alexandria, VA
Frame remodeling - Frame Restoration in Alexandria, VA

Art & Paper Conservation

Proper art restoration has many unique parameters. Whether it is a small tear, missing paper, tape stains, inclusions or foxing, each has its own remediation. Buchanan & Kiguel Fine Custom Picture Framing provides expert art restoration services to help the individual or the avid collector protect and preserve these works. Restoration services are also available for ceramic, wood, antiques, and more. We can help you find a solution to just about any project.

Photo Restoration

Archiving digital images is especially prudent when it comes to modern photography. Restoration and preservation of photos falls under many of the same guidelines as paper restoration. Modern processes and technology have accelerated the development of the art. At Buchanan & Kiguel we can restore your photos back to their original splendor so that you maintain them for years to come.
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